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The Best Mesa Breweries and Taprooms

Mesa, Arizona is home to a vibrant and thriving craft brewery scene. There are dozens of trendy taprooms and industrious breweries scattered throughout the city, each adding their worthwhile contributions to age-old brewing traditions.

Did you know, Mesa has the most craft beer and cocktail locations of any city in Arizona? Each one is only a short distance from our historic Inn so you can easily walk home after a long day or night on the town. We've narrowed down our top picks and put together a list of our favorite breweries and taprooms in Mesa to get you started! 

12 West Brewing

  • Address: 12 W Main St, Mesa, AZ
  • Walking Time: 7 minutes

This brewery takes the cake with superior beer craftsmanship, a trendy warehouse vibe, and plenty of room for guests to relax. 12 West Brewing gets its name from its local Mesa address and the first of its locations. While the brews are not made onsite, visitors can enjoy their variety of pub fare dishes and modern, industrial atmosphere.

This brewpub not only features a great selection of beer, but also offers a full cocktail bar, including cider, mead, spirits, and wine. Visitors can pair the perfect drink with their meal and relax on the 2-leveled patio or spacious indoor seating. With live music and entertainment every week, 12 West should be on your list of breweries in Mesa to visit.
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Oro Brewing Company

  • Address: 210 W Main St, Mesa, AZ
  • Walking Time: 9 minutes

Located in Mesa's Historic Downtown District, Oro Brewing Company is a locally-owned small-batch brewery and taproom. They are rooted in traditional brewing techniques and dedicated to perfecting their craft, two things that helped them become an award-winning brewery.

Oro is ultimately known for two things: their high-quality beers, ales, and lagers, and the welcoming atmosphere they continually cultivate. Their menu consists of ~12 different craft beers as well as a selection of guest wines and ciders. 

Phantom Fox Beer Company

  • Address: 150 W Main St, Mesa, AZ
  • Walking Time: 8 minutes

New to the Mesa brewery scene, Phantom Fox Beer Company has already made a name for itself. Owned by the operator of Chupacabra Taproom, this company features the same neighborhood hangout atmosphere as its counterpart, but the woodsy decor is replaced with metal.

On top of having highly rated beers on tap, Phantom Fox Beer Company features a weekly event called ‘Freshest Friday', where the brewery drops fruity concoctions to sample. The company is partnered with Goat and Ram, a mobile pizza kitchen known for making artisanal pizzas, pastries, and other dishes. This means you can enjoy a piping slice of pie with some of the best brews in Mesa–an award-winning combination!
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Chupacabra Taproom

  • Address: 14 N Robson, Mesa, AZ
  • Walking Time: 8 minutes

Chupacabra Taproom is one of the best places to go for an introduction to craft beers in general.

One of the many things that put Chupacabra Taproom on our list is its neighborhood hangout atmosphere. Their downtown location sports an airy, rustic vibe that lends itself to being a perfect place to unwind and socialize. They have plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors, thanks to their newly expanded patio.

This Mesa brewery is also well known for its large selection of craft beers from all over the world. In addition, visitors will find a curated selection of wines for even more variety. Light or Robust, there is a libation for everyone here.

Arizona Distilling

  • Address: 155 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201
  • Walking Time: 9 minutes

Made for rugged outlaws of the Wild West, Arizona Distilling Co. was Phoenix's first whisky distillery. Established as an innovator in the Mesa area, they were also the first to legally produce bourbon in Arizona.

Arizona Distilling has on-site production, a tasting room, and a communal bar area for guests to take advantage of. They also offer 1-hour guided tours so guests can learn about their brewing process. Arizona Distilling Company is committed to its slogan of, "carving our place in history" and they do so through a pioneer spirit and commitment to the finest ingredients.
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Beer Research Institute Taproom

  • Address: 213 W Main St, Mesa, AZ
  • Walking Time: 10 minutes

The Beer Research Institute
in Mesa, AZ is the oldest and longest-running brewery in the area. For years, this local, independent establishment provided guests with craft beers and pub fare made from scratch.

What further sets this Mesa brewery apart from the rest is the onsite arcade, which features over 40 classic arcade games and 9 pinball machines. With great beer, delicious food, and a round of Pac-Man, BRI Taproom is a choice that won't disappoint.

Cider Corps

  • Address: 31 s Robson #103, Mesa, AZ
  • Walking Time: 11 minutes

While technically not a brewery, Cider Corps holds a special place in the heart of the community.

This veteran-owned establishment strives to live up to its six-word motto: "Drink Great Cider. Honor Great Sacrifices". The idea behind "The Bunker", the nickname for the cidery, was to create a space where everyone could come together and communally bond. Cider Corps encourages and welcomes everyone from all backgrounds to enjoy a cold cider at The Bunker.

What's more, The Bunker is home to two other independent businesses: Myke's Pizza, and Pair Cupworks, a local coffee shop. This allows just about anyone to savor the flavors and socialize, whether it's over pizza, coffee, or cider.
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Not only was this place first class, it was clean, modern, well designed, and easy to negotiate even for folks with disabilities. As an added plus I was admiring a particular print in the reception area and saying how much I liked it. Little did I know, but I was speaking with the actual artist who did the original painting. I think this happens often at the Mesa Arts Center. What a treat!!!!
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The Mesa Arts Center is amazing! The architecture is unique and open, the events are world class, and there is something to appeal to everyone - concerts of all types, theater, exhibits, classes, and more.
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Wonderful! So well choreographed! The expert of the dancers was awesome! Looking forward to going next year!
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Carol Eckert's coiled birds and Carol Shinn's embroideries It was very inspiring. I went to see the work of the two artists but had the added bonus of seeing a wonderful photography exhibit and also of exotic bird piniatas.
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